Women On Farming, Food, And Community II

“I grew up among people who worked together, traded seed, borrowed setting hens if their own were late setting. Early hatched chickens were like a prize. Neighbors would compete to see who would serve the first spring chicken pan-sautéed. The first spring greens, lettuce, scallions in a vinegar dressing with salt, pepper, and sugar--no oil. They shared flavors of all kinds, joined in when it came to planting or harvesting a crop, wheat threshing, hog butchering, and cutting ice on the ponds to store for the summer in the community icehouse.” -EDNA LEWIS known as "the South's answer to Julia Child,” was the cook at Cafe Nicholson in New York City during the 1950s.

She is known for her dedication to the purity of ingredients, authenticity, and importance of eating locally and seasonally, well ahead of today's Food Movement. It was just part of her uncompromising approach to cooking. -KP